Heather McKenzie


Singer/Songwriter Heather McKenzie was born in Alberta, Canada to a musical family. Leaving home at fifteen to pursue a career in music, she started out fronting rock cover bands and toured Canada for years with acts such as Snow White, the Heart tribute ‘Angel’ and Prisoner. At present, she has written and recorded four albums; ‘EVERY WAKING MOMENT’ (2006) ‘ELEVEN ELEVEN’ (2009)  ‘DECOY’ (2012), and  ‘FIVE’ (2015), all released under the label Pilot Records. She has been awarded grants from Rawlco radio and FACTOR Canada, and has had airplay on Canadian, US and UK adult contemporary stations for her songs ‘All I Need’, and Anything Like This’. A rocker at heart and a classically trained pianist, she has been heavily inspired by the greatest band in the world (Rush, duh) and dreams of channeling her inner Geddy Lee in a tribute band when she hits her mid 80’s.  

Heather is also a bestselling author. Click here to check out her books.


heather mckenzie
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