Heather McKenzie's song 'Anything Like This' was a Semi-Finalist in Song of the Year contest 2014. Semi-Finalist placement is the highest placement next only to the one winner and four finalists from each category.” - Song Of The Year

Semi Finalist, Song Of The Year Contest 2014

The chorus melody & lyrics are fantastic and very hook-y. Production is really solid, with fantastic sound quality and a nicely varied, aggressive arrangement that complements the (stellar) vocals. - Andrew Fox, Stacks of Wax Production” - Andrew Fox

— Stacks of Wax Production

... "Anything Like This," a fast-paced, upbeat track that would fit well in a club setting. McKenzie continues with strong songs like "Pour," where the laidback pop-rock verses seamlessly give way to a passionate rock chorus that's reminiscent of Alanis Morissette, while "New Leaf" shifts the instrumentation from piano/soft percussion to complicated electric guitar sounds, conjures happy memories of '90s pop rock. - Kristina Guzman, Vue Weekly” - Kristina Guzman

Vue Weekly

Heather McKenzie's pop/dance vibe is infectious, especially on the super bouncy "Anything Like This". Other highlights on the "Decoy" project include the lyrically-solid "Somewhere Green" and the emo-'riffic "June Crush". A marketable artist for sure, with strong looks and radio ready tracks to match it.  Ms. McKenzie's ballads are good -- but her powerpop stuff stands out the best!- A&R Select, Hollywood California”

— A&R Select

Heather McKenzie is a hard-working artist with real industry understanding and appreciation. Her new album "Eleven:Eleven" is professionally produced, and could easily fit a multitude of formats. She's talented, driven and passionate. Artists like Heather deserve to be heard. - Adam Thompson, Sonic 102.9” - Adam Thompson, Music Director

— Sonic 102.9 fm

(Heather McKenzie) Very solid and professional female led standard rock..... Heather's voice is strong, melodic and soulful not to mention a great compliment to the songs she's written. Most of the songs focus on personal relationships and the lyrics really capture the feelings she's getting across. One of the best releases I've heard this year. This isn't the style of music I normally gravitate toward, but it is so excellent I cannot deny it. -- Greg Mutant (2007) The Chicken Fish Speaks” - Greg Mutant

— The Chicken Fish Speaks

This is what hits are made of! This was a very well put together CD, from the writing to the mastering. Heather McKenzie and her band have done a great job and I reate her CD a 4.75 out of 5!" -  AJ Johnson, The Bald Guy Show Podcast” - AJ Johnson

— The Baldguy Show Podcast artist of incredible talent and worthy of all the amazing reviews she's received for this album!" ..."buy her CD and support her on tour because she is worth the effort my friends!" - Confessions of a DJ podcast”

— Confessions of a DJ Podcast